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Story Rohit, the main protagonist is a cool, intelligent and a fair individual who fails to cope with life because of a criminal girl, Shilpa. In the beginning of the movie, Rohit, comes to know that his girlfriend is cheating on him. She is unfaithful to him, but her family thinks that she is a decent girl. Rohit, wanting to marry her, goes to her parents and tells that his real intention is to marry a good girl, not a criminal like her. Rohit and his family get the blessing from the girl's parents, and get married. But Rohit doesn't get to know the truth about Shilpa because of his constant efforts to know the truth. One day Rohit finds Shilpa. He shouts at her and she runs away. Later, Rohit gets to know the truth about her. Shilpa was involved in the murder of a woman because she was pregnant with Rohit. Rohit gets to know about his mistake. And gets to know that she had done this before marrying him. Rohit had been told that the woman was not his girlfriend. But the girl's father didn't tell him that the girl was pregnant. The girl has become a criminal because of her family's problems, not because she was led by Rohit. Rohit finally reaches his destination, is settled in life, and gets to know that his first wife also had cheated on him, his boss had also misbehaved with him and had given his job to his son and that his second wife was a drug addict and she left him with her three children. Music Original music of the movie is composed by Jatin-Lalit and sung by Alka Yagnik. Music is a blend of Hindi and English songs. Box office Rohit: The Final Word became the most successful movie of year 2007. At the end of 2007, Rohit: The Final Word was declared a blockbuster hit. References External links Rohit: The Final Word at Bollywood Hungama Rohit: The Final Word at Box Office India Category:2007 films Category:Indian films Category:2000s Hindi-language films Category:Films shot in Mumbai Category:Films set in Mumbai Category:Films scored by Jatin–Lalit Category:Indian romantic comedy films Category:Indian romantic drama films Category:Films about Indian weddings




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